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Buy Green Xanax Bars Online

Buy Green Xanax Bars Online, commonly known as Green Xanax, ‘zanies, or ‘bars’, is an anti-anxiety medication available in different strengths and marketed under different brand names. Wondering what Xanax pills looks like is a great question, as there are many types of Green Xanax Bars shapes, colors, and sizes.

Buy Green Xanax 

Xanax most often looks like a light blue oval-shaped pill or can look like a small rectangle pill with indents like a ladder has steps; a few common slang names for these are “ladders’ or “bars”. The oval-shaped Xanax has a flat rim dosage given in ½ mg and 1mg and is about 9mm long. One side will be printed XANAX; on the other side can be broken into two halves.; Many manufacturers have the name and strength of the pill imprinted on it.

Buy Green Xanax Bars 

Green Xanax Bar is available in different types and kinds. This potent medication is classified according to its dose and strength to treat various mental and physical health issues. 

Green Xanax Bars For Sale

Its long and thin pill shape characterizes a bar. It usually contains a 2 mg dose of Xanax, the highest dose of Xanax available in the market, next to the 3 mg extended-release tablet. These bars can be divided into halves or quarters, depending on the dosage required by your treatment. The bar has four smaller sections that users can easily break since Xanax usually has to be taken in higher doses than other medications for anxiety.

  • Green Xanax Bar:

     Despite the color difference, the green pills’ potency is the same as the white and yellow bars. The green variant of Xanax comes in different shapes such as round, triangular, rectangular, and oval. They can be of 1 mg to 3 mg. The oval-shaped green Xanax is 1 mg, while the triangular is 3 mg, and it’s the highest dose available. These green bars are produced by pharmaceutical companies such as DAVA, Actavis, Mylan, and Pfizer.

  • Pink Xanax Bar:

     This variant comes in 2 shapes, which are round or oval. It comes in 3 mg doses and is only available via physician-authorized prescriptions. However, many teens purchase this type from the streets or get it from relatives.

Xanax Bars Green For Sale

  • White Xanax Bar:

    The most common Xanax color for medication. It goes by the name “sticks.” It produces an intense feeling of euphoria a few minutes after intake. The white bar can have 0.25 mg to 2 mg. Due to its high potency, quitting white Xanax bars should be done with extreme caution since it can produce dangerous symptoms. Buy xanax green bars.

  • Yellow Xanax Bar:

    As mentioned earlier, this variant of Xanax has the same effect as the green and white bars. The color difference is simply because different companies manufacture the drugs. Buy-green-xanax-online.

  • Blue Xanax Bar:

     This kind of Xanax bar is available in oval and circular shapes. Aside from the 2 mg bar with four divisions, all other blue bar Xanax are 1 mg pills. It is also called the “blue football Alprazolam,” due to the easy-to-consume shape of the 2 mg bar.

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  • Peach Xanax Bar:

     Also called “orange Alprazolam,” this variety comes in a low 0.5 mg dose. It typically has an oval or football shape and is used for less severe types of health complications.

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